unban websites the easy way!

Unbanwebsites.com is a free and easy-to-use anonymous proxy service which allows you to access blocked or banned websites. This is necessary because restrictions on the Internet have risen around the world. A lot of countries limit access to the Internet as a way of censoring the free flow of information. Perhaps most notorious among those countries is China, with its Golden Shield Project (nicknamed The Great Firewall of China.) Iran filters content, Pakistan have banned VPN's or virtual private networks. In other countries bloggers disappear or get killed after posting sensitive information. Speaking your mind can get you in serious trouble!

Governmental authorities not only ban websites, they also monitor the online behaviour of individuals. If you are concerned about the government monitoring your web traffic, simply use proxy sites to hide your real IP address and browse the Internet anonymously. Here's a list of free proxy servers to help you open blocked websites anonymously.

Not all cases of censorship involve the government though. Your employer or school administrator may ban websites as well. Luckily, Unbanwebsites.com enables you to anonymize your IP address and unban websites, anytime and anywhere. You can visit websites even if they are blocked by your Government, your ISP, at work or on campus!

You don't have to download and install proxy software to unblock websites. Just enter the website you wish to anonymously unblock in the form on top and hit "Go!".